Easy access to the city center

  • Lourinhã belongs to the district of Lisbon and is located in the west coastal region, at a distance of only 63 kilometers north of the capital city center.
  • The best residential and commercial property location is in the Lisbon-Cascais-Sintra region.
  • Lisbon is the main decision centre, most big companies’ headquarters being located in this city or its vicinity, and a major tourist magnet.
  • The Lisbon International Airport is the main hub for flights in and out of the country.

Relaxing atmosphere in coastal area

  • Lower cost of living and slower quality lifestyle in a coastal town.
  • National Health Service provides universal health coverage for all residents of Portugal; free for children under 18 and seniors over 65.
  • Enjoy authentic Portuguese seafood and fine Mediterranean cuisine. Also enjoy traditional desserts made with premium ingredients.

Enjoyable Activities

  • Families can enjoy The Fantastic World of Dinosaurs (Dino Parque), opened in 2017 is the largest outdoor dinosaur museum and theme park.
  • UNESCO inscribed 17 properties on the World Heritage List and 16 properties on the Cultural List.
  • The brandy DOC Lourinhã is the only region demarcated exclusively for brandy with Demarcated Region in Portugal.
    This spirit drink appeared 30 years ago, after studies were carried out at the Wine Station in Dois Portos where its superior quality was tested and confirmed, which is only paralleled, at European level, in the French spirits of the Cognac and Armagnac regions.
    Families can appreciate fine brandy produced at Aguardente DOC Lourinhã who proudly displays the DOC label and the fame of Portugal.
  • It is a privilege for families to experience the exclusive wine and equestrian establishment Quinta do Rol.
  • The 120 hectare property includes vineyards, pear orchards, tennis court, basketball court, and a large pool.
  • this excellent destination has several fine golf courses for those families who do not ride horses.